10 Tips for Hosting an After-Hours Networking Event

We all know that networking and being active in the community are very important to your business.

Here on some great tips on hosting an after-hours event as suggested by Richard Sassan, of B&E Accounting:

  1. Generate an invitation flyer with date and time of event. (Submit to Chamber for inclusion in their regular newsletter, check on deadlines.)
  2. Post the event on the Chamber website.
  3. Post the event on your website
  4. Any event that you attend leading up to the after-hours, mention your event.
  5. Notify your clients and invite them as well
  6. Use local businesses for food, drinks etc
  7. Ask local businesses if they have anything they would like to provide as a raffle prize
  8. Send out a press release to the broadcast media 2 weeks before the event.
  9. Contact the local newspaper and invite them to attend as well
  10. Send out an e-mail reminder to everyone day before the event

and finally…HAVE FUN AND ENJOY!!!!!!

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